We're in the middle of Q4, which means we're planning for next year, and we'd really like to know: What do you want to see in The Content Technologist?

We're making changes to our weekly newsletter and expanding our educational programming in 2024. We aim to continue working with expert contributors and creating stellar B2B newsletters and content you can't find anywhere else.

Events, salons and workshops are on the docket, but also... well, what do you need? What content strategy advice will help you do your job more effectively while also not boring you to tears?

Whether you've just subscribed to The Content Technologist or you've been here for years, tell us: What do you want to see next?

And as a reward for letting us know what you think, survey participants will receive a free pass to either the November AI or December Style salons.

That's it. That's the newsletter this week. Weigh in on what's next, and we'll give you the best we can offer.

Take care, and enjoy your mid-October,


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