As an independent consultant and newsletter publisher, I partner with a few software companies whose products I champion. Partnerships are my highest form of recommendation.

If I discuss a tool or technique related to one of the companies I partner with on either the website or newsletter, I disclose to both clients and newsletter readers my affiliation. I don't push tools from partners on clients when it's not a good fit. Read more about my ethics guidelines/policies here.

If you're already looking to purchase software from one of my partners, please consider using a referral link.

Currently I am partnered with the following companies. Clicking on the links below and subscribing to these services may earn an affiliate commission, which is used to support The Content Technologist operations.

I also use a few affiliate codes to help readers seeking newsletters find The Content Technologist. Services I've used for affiliate and advertising referrals are:

Where does the money go?

Affiliate revenue from software partnerships goes exclusively toward supporting The Content Technologist's operations, which are mostly hosting and software fees.

New partnerships

If you'd like to partner with The Content Technologist and I do not have an existing relationship with your company, I'd suggest sponsoring an issue of the newsletter.

I'm also happy to review your tool for potential (but not guaranteed) inclusion in the newsletter if I feel that it is a good fit for readers.

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