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The Content Technologist is a resource for content professionals working in the age of algorithms. We publish entertaining, educational media to support knowledge workers in the theory, practice, business and craft of creating digital content.

The Content Technologist is also a content strategy consultancy founded in 2019 by Deborah Carver. We help businesses you've heard of with their audience research, information architecture, and website redesign strategy. 

We're currently an evolving solopreneurship that has navigated a number of challenges, but we're still thriving. Our brand style guide declares we use "we," even when our numbers have been whittled to just me, Deborah. More about me here.

We develop in-depth unique resources that you won’t find in other B2B media. That’s because we make content that we—the creators and knowledge workers who develop and implement the digital world—want to read.

We offer the following resources for content professionals: 

Editorial policy

We're not a traditional B2B media company. Here's what makes us different.

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On our embrace of "content"

We realize that the term “content” is fraught, even hated, particularly among the professionals whose careers have turned from “writing” to “content production.” We’ve been there; we empathize. But we see “content” as oppositional to form. If a digital medium, framework or software is the “form,” then content professionals create the “content.” 

We also push back on the stereotypical connotations of “content”: that “content” should be cheap to create or consume; that it’s easy to make; that successful content is in any way cookie-cutter; that it’s something one creates as a “side hustle” rather than a full-time job.

“Content” isn’t the enemy: Keeping content creative, not generative
Publisher Deborah Carver weighs in on recent criticism of the word “content,” and perhaps more importantly, the “forms” used in generative content production.

More on our relationship with the term "content"

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The Content Technologist approach

Because we publish on computers rather than via traditional print, we have developed a methodology that incorporates digital data to inform (but not overwhelm) creative content online.

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