About The Content Technologist

We're a consultancy that creates educational media to serve the knowledge workers who plan, develop and publish words, pictures, sounds and meaning on the internet. Dive in and find the career support you need to knock your digital content out of the park.

We develop in-depth unique resources that you won’t find in other B2B media. That’s because we make content that we—the creators and knowledge workers who develop and implement content strategy—want to read.

We offer the following resources for content professionals: 

  • The Content Technologist newsletter - sent weekly on Thursdays: A weekly deep-dive into a single issue related to content and technology, along with links and thoughts on current industry events; 
  • Content Professionals Update - sent on the last Tuesday of every month: An overview of everything we’ve published in the past month;
  • This website, home to more than 200 articles about digital content with insights you won't find anywhere else;
  • Virtual salons: Piloted in late 2023, provide connection for our community members in a more active, entertainment-oriented format;
  • Professional development programs: Skill-up programs for marketing and development agencies to explore the technology, data, measurement strategies, and workflows that make digital content successful in business;
  • Deep-dive email courses, beginning with Understanding Google Analytics 4 and more launching in 2024;
  • Consulting services for creators and agencies.

Our team

The Content Technologist is an independent consultancy and media company. Our staff is:

  • Deborah Carver, founder and publisher
  • Wyatt Coday, managing editor
  • M.E. Gray, production assistant

Editorial policy

We're not a traditional B2B media company. Here's what makes us different.

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On our embrace of "content"

We realize that the term “content” is fraught, even hated, particularly among the professionals whose careers have turned from “writing” to “content production.” We’ve been there; we empathize. But we see “content” as oppositional to form. If a digital medium, framework or software is the “form,” then content professionals create the “content.” 

We also push back on the stereotypical connotations of “content”: that “content” should be cheap to create or consume; that it’s easy to make; that successful content is in any way cookie-cutter; that it’s something one creates as a “side hustle” rather than a full-time job.

“Content” isn’t the enemy: Keeping content creative, not generative
Publisher Deborah Carver weighs in on recent criticism of the word “content,” and perhaps more importantly, the “forms” used in generative content production.

More on our relationship with the term "content"

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The Content Technologist approach

Because we publish on computers rather than via traditional print, we have developed a methodology that incorporates digital data to inform (but not overwhelm) creative content online.

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Our mission, vision and values

Get to know what we're all about and how we differ from established B2B media companies.

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