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Technology development and human behavior evolve at different speeds, and what worked for digital content strategy ten years ago likely won't work in 2024.

Get up-to-date and build replicable content strategy processes with The Content Technologist.

The Content Technologist is a consultancy that helps agencies, brands and emerging publishers develop digital content strategies using flexible but replicable methods to ensure consistency in the face of changing online behaviors and algorithms.

Our bespoke approach to digital content strategy empowers agencies, brands, emerging publishers and independent consultants to remain on top of their craft while navigating how our audiences perceive and understand digital content.

Along with our newsletters, website and events, we offer strategic consulting and virtual training programs to support our clients in creating meaningful, unique and optimized digital content.

Our services are rooted in our approach, which addresses six discrete areas of the strategic content development process. We believe that you can't just make a creative plan for content success based on what's worked in other media, or even digital strategies from five years ago. The specific behaviors of digital audiences, the limitations and advantages of platforms, and measuring the end results of content performance are necessary to build lasting connections on digital channels.

We offer the following:

  • Professional development programs and email courses
  • Website/app content strategy and information architecture
  • Ghost-specific consulting services
  • Occasional 90-minute 1:1 consulting sessions

Professional development programs

Guided professional development programs

We currently offer two training programs that cover all six steps of our content strategy approach (plus trends!), primarily designed for digital agencies and independent content strategists who develop digital strategy and/or content on behalf of other clients.

The Expansion Pack

A year-long series of workshops, self-paced courses, and content strategy upskilling, designed for agency teams and independent strategists.

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The Data Differentiator

For agencies that want to white-label a data-backed content strategy service to offer their clients.

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Email deep-dive courses

In addition to our existing Google Analytics 4 course, we're adding a full slate of email deep-dive courses in 2024. If you're interested in learning more about content strategy, watch this space for courses in the next few months.

Understanding Google Analytics 4

Learn the ins and outs of GA4 in under a month. Features video content delivered by email and 20 comprehension quizzes.

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Digital content strategy maturity assessment

Unsure whether the Expansion Pack or Differentiator is right for your agency? Still creating SEO content for your clients or hoping to drive traffic to your website from social media?

Check out our free content strategy maturity assessment for digital agencies.

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Website or app content strategy

Your website or app is crucial to your digital success. When you have a large collection of content, your owned online spaces become the platform where you can fully own the user experience when social media, search algorithms and news organizations are in flux.

Our proven process for redesigning apps and websites incorporates behavioral research in UX and SEO to help your organization entertain, inform, surprise and delight your audience — while building an unforgettable online presence.

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Ghost consulting services

The Content Technologist website is built on Ghost, and we think it's an amazing back-end platform and content management system. We enjoy helping others build and strategize with Ghost as well and take on a couple of small publisher clients each year.

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