This review originally appeared in the July 25, 2019 issue with the email subject line "Let's Get Personalized" and five rules for personalization.

visual review of RightMessage features: cutting-edge, integrates easily with other tools at the monthly cost of a steak dinner. This tool is finely tuned, intuitive, and best for single users or small teams.

Marketers and publishers need to gather data from our websites, but it’s best if we don’t anger our users because we’ve repeatedly asked the same question. RightMessage is an on-site personalization and messaging tool that helps customize your calls-to-action and pop-ups based on your user’s previous actions.

So, for example, someone who has already checked that they subscribed to The Content Technologist won’t get sign-up messaging again unless they crumble their cookies and start over. For users who have already subscribed, I ask them one additional question each time they visit my website, building opt-in segments for the most interested users.

RightMessage at a glance

RightMessage laser-focuses on doing one thing really well: Customizing messaging for users who are already in your system without a login and sending their data entry to your database. Using the tool is:

  • relatively intuitive
  • but not completely idiot-proof
  • supported by some light training materials (with a paid certification available)
  • without much training, still far easier to implement than Google Optimize or Optimizely or any other on-page personalization
  • much less expensive than enterprise personalization software

And it introduces non-creepy personalization! As a user, I can stop providing data and close the popup whenever I want, but I’m not getting some ad nauseum broken record screaming SUBSCRIBE if I have already done so.

  • Pricing is based on the amount of users served messaging each month, so the more traffic you get, the more expensive RightMessage will be.
  • New developments center on expanding placements of CTAs/messaging and improving integrations.
  • The tool provides very light analytics and trend graphs but no data exports.
  • You’ll want to have your cookie-permissions on. No telling what happens to RightMessage in the post-cookie era.
  • I reviewed the out-of-the-box version; there is a more customizable Enterprise version available.

So if you’re looking to dip your toes into agile personalization, I’d start with RightMessage. Its low barrier to entry enables learning about your users while providing value to them in return.

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