More than (key)Words teaser video

Ah, the mighty keyword! It’s at the core of search engine optimization, the word or phrase that users type into search bars to populate a hundred websites, all vying for the number one position. It’s the recipient of a lot of hatred from digitally native writers, forced to put aside their originality and brilliant ideas to write “SEO content” to placate the masses and get found online. 

But somehow, amid all the hate, amid new developments in artificial intelligence and generative search, the keyword is trending up again, more popular than it’s been in a decade. 

In this course, we'll learn to assess and understand the power of the mighty keyword. We’ll develop an approach to keyword research that helps you reach an audience and mine data ethically without breaking your brain or your moral center.

And we’ll dispel many of the myths you may have learned in the past decade or so on the importance of the keyword itself—all while positioning your content for success in front of the audiences you seek.

In case you or your boss were wondering: Yes, we'll get an assist from AI and learn some brand-new techniques to keep you ahead of your cookie-cutter competitors.

In this 5-unit course, you will learn:

  • Where the idea of keywords came from, and how we can apply the origin of the word's popularity to our current content-saturated digital ecosystem
  • What keyword research is and why it still matters as a major tactic in understanding digital audiences
  • When to augment keyword research with other audience research tactics
  • How to use AI tools and prompts to organize your data and expedite what used to be a manual process
  • Why content is higher quality when keyword research is involved

If you complete the exercises along with watching the video content, you'll come out of the course with a full keyword research project you can use at your work, or as practice for the next big audience research task.

Early bird pricing (30% off the full price) is available until June 15.