This essay originally was published on August 5, 2021, with the email subject line CT No. 89: "Would I lie to you?"

As teenaged Fiona Apple famously said, "This world is bullshit." She intended to pillory American mass consumption celebrity culture as it rode to its late 90s early 2000s peak, but hey! Maybe she was also talking about internet content in 2021. Because boy, this digital world is also bullshit... which, 24 years after Ms. Apple's declaration, reflects the long tail of American mass consumption celebrity culture along with corporate culture bullshit, mass media rush-and-crush, medieval-era bullshit about how science works, Minnesota's own MyPillow guy, Russian bullshit, Chinese bullshit, British bullshit, every other culture's bullshit, conspiracy theories, bots bots bots, websites and forums and newsletters that are giant steaming piles of poo.

Fiona Apple says, "This world is bullshit." -gif
I have used this gif before and I will use it again.

Of course: your company's website/newsletter/social media account is truthful, full of facts to set the record straight. How do you show your audiences and search engine algorithms that your website is worth believing, quoting, showing up at the top of search results? Through trust signals.

E-A-T and how algorithms read trust

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