Audience interaction

Audience interaction

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We create content to build community with our audiences. Find tips and tricks for reaching your audience, whether you're a publisher, marketer or another content professional.

Fashioning content strategy for the metaverse
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by Jessica Quillin & Bryce Quillin 8 min read

Fashioning content strategy for the metaverse

Understanding the what, why, and how of fashion’s investments in the metaverse from a content strategy perspective provides a rich source of case studies, best practices, and competitive research for business decision makers and strategists alike.

AI Art, Metadata, and Copyright Law

AI Art, Metadata, and Copyright Law

Sam Thielman 9 min read

If an AI art-generator company creates a program that can download images at scale and then mash them all together at an end-user’s command, creating endless iterations of digital images "in the style of the Blue period," we'll soon have a much larger database with even more images tagged "Picasso."

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