1. A tool that mocks up iterations for a data-driven needs-based information architecture. When creating an IA for a new website, app or other digital tool, it helps to tie together data from a number of sources. I’d love to see a tool that incorporates volume and intent data (pretty much what every SEO tool provides), entity data (like that from Clearscope, Ceralytics and MarketMuse) existing market research (such as business intelligence data from tools like SimilarWeb), and specific user experience testing (like data from OptimalWorkshop or from a survey tool)… and then mocks up a few iterations of a useful navigation based on the input.
  2. Crunchbase, but for cooperative business and funding models (crowdsourcing, co-ops, ESOPs), and dimensions to track union activity in larger companies. This woman wants to look into new ways to do things! And unions, which are not a new way of doing things, but a move in the right direction. In the past two years, union push in digital newsrooms has been encouraging.

    EDIT 10/4 (I DIDN’T FINISH MY PARAGRAPH YESTERDAY. HELLO, STRESS WRITING!): If this tool existed, I might not have a job, but also… it would be pretty great! I would be fine, and you would be too. The machine wouldn’t give us perfection, but it would be a good start. We have 20+ years of data on great IA and web experiences, as well as innumerable amounts of consumer intent and search data. Surely we can make something happen!
  3. A browser plugin or app that flashes red when a tool does not autosave and/or when a tool does not use control/command-z to as an “undo” shortcut. Those motherfuckers are slowin’ me down.
  4. Blockchain for pop myths and “common knowledge.” I want a tool that allows a user to visually trace a conspiracy theory or “common sense” myth back to its origins, no matter how long it takes. Sort of like Snopes combined with the late, beloved Storify… but something that explains a visualization of a narrative like “deregulation stirs economic growth” or “Beyonce is the queen of all pop” or “the Bidens are corrupt” to clearly understand its origins. (This tool may exist already as The Podcast Industry or certain Wikipedia entries or maybe also Grad School Cultural Studies Departments. But legit, I just want to get lost in a cultural story map.) It’ll be called The Critical Thinker.
  5. An iterative VR conversation practice tool. In the third season of The Good Place, one character gets multiple opportunities to practice a break-up conversation with another character, over and over again, until the dump-er figures out the best way to minimize the damage to the dump-ee. One day, not too far off, we may be able to have this technology! Anyone who has ever had a difficult conversation wants this tool. Of course, there’s also all the bad outcomes…
In The Good Place, the demon Trevor says, "You haven't responded to any of the dank memes I've sent" [gif]

Does one of these tools already exist?

Are there tools you’d like to see exist? Or, do you want to know if tech exists to accomplish your tasks?

Generally, what tools do you want to see covered in The Content Technologist? Feel free to comment on this open thread. I’ll dive in to chat if you’d like.

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