For the past several weeks, I've been hard at work on The Content Technologist's web experience. After all, if I'm going to be a web evangelist, I should probably have an up-to-date, cohesive website experience.

So here we go! A full redesign will likely arrive early in '25, but in the meantime check out:

  • Brand new homepage! I realized how many subscribers we likely lost with the old low-friction, no-ask subscription system. If you're logged in, you won't see the prompt to subscribe, but new visitors will see a subscription prompt right smack dab in the middle of the homepage. Let's hope it improves the subscription conversion rate as intended!
  • Updated bio, services, and approach pages.
  • New courses subdomain
  • A few new contact forms scattered throughout
New homepage! Click through for the whole thing.www.

I put most everything on pause while working on this update—course development, Let's Build a Website (ironic, I know), pretty much any non-LinkedIn marketing. And, as with all web development, reconfiguring my homepage took way longer than I thought and still has a few knots to work through (especially mobile width, which will be the death of me).

But I'm proud that it's done. And now: back to course development. I am very excited about Your Content Is Your Marketing. Even though I've yet to release the preview video, I promise: It's good! It's different! You will learn something!

A very short Links below... and next week I'm super stoked to pull apart the last stage of the Content Technologist approach: measurement.

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