I’m Deborah Carver, I live in Minneapolis, and I’m the writer and publisher of The Content Technologist. When I’m not compiling the weekly newsletter, I’m a digital strategy consultant at the intersection of technology and content.

What I truly love: Helping content professionals navigate the technical ins and outs of algorithms, automations and analytics — so they can free up more brain space for creativity.

Sometimes I assist in content operations, helping companies design workflows and tech stacks that support high-quality content creation. Other times, I collaborate on data-informed content strategy, using search query research and social listening data to complement a publication’s mission and vision, uncovering hidden opportunities for content.

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I’ve had a truly interdisciplinary career, working a string of offbeat jobs — a mixology server, a seller of dog art, an editor of history books, etc. — before landing where I am today.

I’ve also created a rainbow of content across many versions of the internet, developing websites in my teens, joining social media networks as they hatched in my college years, and studying the rise of blogging in the early aughts.

Since 2011, I’ve developed award-winning content strategies, guided website redesigns and ensured algorithmic visibility for Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, B2B SaaS startups, and everything in between.

A longer explanation of the title of this website: What is a content technologist?


Indee Marketing Co-op

Assorted recent consulting clients

Biarri Networks | Glew.io | Three Sixty Eight | Storythings | Creed Interactive

Assorted recent coverage

  • BuiltIn - “10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Data-driven Content Strategy”
  • Business Insider - “1 woman's experiment with newsletter platforms revealed 4x traffic growth thanks to one strategy: leaving Substack”
  • Divvy - “Could AI generated content work for you?”

Past speaking engagements, in-person and virtual


Other socials

When I’m not being fully professional, I use the handle fightwithknives. It’s been my handle for 20 years, and I’m stubbornly clinging to it.

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