Saturday is my birthday, and do you know what I want this year? It's for YOU to complete the three-question Content Technologist survey.

We're in the middle of talking content pillars and, well, a core part of determining pillars is audience feedback, which we get from first-party data like surveys. I'll be using the data from this survey to reevaluate my own pillars, and I'll discuss how in the next issue).

Because it's my birthday and I'm in the middle of closing out some client projects, opening others, and continuing with still others, there's another trial a few miles from home that I can't look away from, it's Wednesday at 3:30pm and I haven't even started writing the fucking thing, the three-question survey is the extent of the newsletter this week.

I'm no longer kicking myself for missing issues, especially since this past year was somehow harder than 2020 for a barrage of reasons that thankfully have absolutely nothing to do with this newsletter or my career. I'm thankful to have this space, and grateful that you open these every week or so.

So yeah, if you feel so inclined, complete the audience survey, so I know what you like and what you don't so I can meet your needs with this here publication.

Also, if you're in the United States, consider donating a copy of the 1619 project to a school near you. I donated mine through Black Garnet books.

Thanks for reading and for your support,

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