The Content Technologist is a hybrid. It's a publication written by one person, aka a blog/newsletter. It's an attempt to provide some decent editorial critique of the crowded and difficult-to-navigate marketing software space. It's education for core digital content concepts that are ubiquitous as we move into Internet Decade 3... but incredibly hard to conceive if you don't live and breathe them. It's a place to help me keep track of an industry that is changing so quickly. It's an extension of my academics, a study of the digital culture I've been steeped in since 1997. It's promotion for my consulting services.

At this time, my revenue model consists of subscriptions and consulting. The only affiliate links I use are to services that I already subscribe to and support – especially Ghost.

If I am receiving commission from an affiliate link in a review, I will note it in a preamble. Otherwise, my reviews never link to affiliate marketing or referral programs.

When consulting and writing reviews, I deeply consider the missions and values I support. I am pretty vocal about my politics in my newsletter, but in case you don't pick up on subtext: I try not to work with businesses that actively promote racist, sexist or environmentally damaging structural frameworks. I got my start working with big healthcare clients but I don't anymore work with them anymore. (I am all about healthtech trying to solve those big mangled problems, though.) I don't work with companies that knowingly work with ICE or white supremacists. I don't work with known harassers or abusers or the companies that continue to employ them, with the exception of Google and the other big tech unavoidables. I love doing work with businesses that promote and champion the ideas and actions of underrepresented groups. I 🙌  when clients say they want to be cognizant of privacy and ethical data collection. I love working with experimental big ideas.

I believe that networked and digital communications fundamentally make the world a more diverse, more beautiful place. I also believe that we need to be proactive and vocal about what we value.