The Content Technologist is a resource for knowledge workers who are making a living in the ever-changing world of digital content. It is not a traditional journalism outlet, nor is it a scheme to generate affiliate income. It is a consultancy with a B2B publishing business on the side.

Our content is designed to educate and support an audience of creative professionals—ideally anyone who creates and publishes content online—whose positions are often undervalued in traditional businesses compared with engineers or marketers at similar levels of experience. We believe that good content is created, not generated.

But we are also excited and curious about artificial intelligence. Our contributors may use AI to polish and clarify their writing, but no more than 5% of language may be generated by AI. We will update the website with a more detailed AI policy in late 2023.

We form partnerships with companies who align with our mission and vision. Some of them sponsor our content. Others work with us as clients for our education and consulting services. Still others we promote because we admire their work and because they've supported ours as well.

We do not accept backlink requests or guest posts. We only recommend newsletters, websites and articles we genuinely think are valuable and useful for our audience. Sometimes that content comes from our friends and clients.

Our content is created with our audience in mind, and unless indicated as a sponsorship or advertisement, mentions in any editorial content are not paid.

However, we are consultants, not reporters. We pay our writers and guests for their contributions, and we believe that everyone should be compensated for their expert knowledge. We were raised in a professional culture that believes that when creative people and expert educators come into contact with money, they somehow become tainted—and we actively work to reject the notion that creative workers should be paid less than their counterparts in sales and marketing. MFAs are not less prestigious or less worthy of a living wage than MBAs.

We work actively in the business and consulting world, and we have been treated better by some companies and worse than others. We don't claim to be objective, and every contributor has their own points of view.

Our current affiliate partnership policy:

  • We partner with companies whose products and technology we support after a thorough review.
  • We form partnerships with companies whose products we are actively using, following or recommending to clients.
  • We do not enter into blind reseller or partnership agreements. We establish a relationship with a tool or company long before we decide to become a partner.
  • We don't partner with organizations whose values openly conflict with ours.
  • We disclose all partnership considerations in both the newsletter and on the website.
  • Partnership with a company is our highest form of recommendation.
  • Affiliate revenue supports The Content Technologist's operating costs and growth.

If we are receiving commission from an affiliate link in a review, we will note it in a preamble. Otherwise, reviews do not link to affiliate marketing or referral programs.

We believe that networked and digital communications fundamentally make the world a more diverse, more beautiful place. We also believe that we need to be proactive and vocal about what we value. We don't work with companies who openly conflict with our values if we can help it.