The Content Technologist specializes in helping content-forward websites develop, optimize and manage their organic digital presence. Our business is built on Ghost, and we think it's an amazing back-end platform and content management system. We enjoy helping others build and strategize with Ghost as well and take on a couple of small publisher clients each year.

We began the journey with Ghost first as reviewers, then as a tentative customer. Now we're proud referral partners and help small publishers level up their websites for more visibility and better audience experiences.

Our Ghost-specific services:

  • Theme selection, customization and adaptation
  • Content migration consulting
  • Tagging strategy - Read my post on how to tag your posts with Ghost
  • SEO optimization consulting
  • Content workflow optimization to make your writing and optimization processes more efficient
  • Ghost content performance measurement - marrying your email performance numbers with your web analytics

Interested in working together on leveling up your independent publication with Ghost? Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within a couple of days.