This review originally appeared in the August 22, 2019 issue of The Content Technologist with the email subject line "Entity Optimization + my tech stack," an explanation of SEO entity optimization, and a review of SEO content software Clearscope.

As you read this, I am on the grounds of the Minnesota State Fair, enjoying a day off, stuffing my face full of fried foods and gawking at butter princesses and seed art. If you’re really interested in what I’m up to, catch me on the ’gram. In honor of the Great Minnesota Get Together, today’s newsletter is populated with the mass production of delicious, bad-for-you foods.

A mini-donut frying machine from the Minnesota State Fair [gif]

The content technologist’s choice in content technology

Every six months or so, I’ll give you an update on the tools I’m using for my consulting business. My tool stack shifts based on my consulting client needs and I’m a scrappy lady, so I build my own stack of less expensive single-serving software. Here’s what I’m using right now (with referral links where applicable because everyone likes a discount):

an ice-cream sandwich assembly machine [gif]

And I use Giphy. So much. Prepping this list actually sent me down a rabbit hole of thinking about Giphy search trends and data. (If you have any insight about Giphy optimization, LMK. I’m researching for a future issue!)

There’s nothing in my stack that’s out of the ordinary or a super special secret. One day I will likely explore some more comprehensive options. I wouldn’t mind getting mostly off Google. But for now, I’m leaning on familiarity as I build my business.

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