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Examples of our favorite essays

How to edit text-generated content
How can we improve AI-generated writing? Let’s jump on the trend train and ask the machines.
Content pillars: The next evolution of impactful branded content strategy
If you’re looking to build audience, brand and a better case for digital content, you may want to adopt a strategy based on content pillars.
Google Analytics 4 content engagement metrics | The Content Technologist
Google Analytics 4 measures engagement differently than Universal Analytics (the previous version of GA). Here’s what content professionals need to know.

What others think

“Deborah's human-centered approach to technology and content is a refreshing tonic in an age of jaded takes.” – Ben Williams, Meow Wolf

“It's the perfect mix of real-time media news, digital content nerdery, and '90s nostalgia. I've had the pleasure of working with Deborah in the past and she blew minds across my entire team with her technical skills and perfectly-packaged processes. I'm committed to reading this newsletter more than any other because of the value I get out of it that relates to my job. It lands on Thursdays, but I usually wait until Saturday when I can make a stiff coffee and sit down for a slow read.” – Eric Greene, Shopify

“I read The Content Technologist to stay informed on all things up-and-coming in the world of marketing, tech, and more. The insight and wit shared in this newsletter is second to none.” – Lindsay Lelivelt, StoneArch

“This is one of a handful of newsletters that I make sure I read every week. Deborah is a big thinker, a great writer, and a smart curator. She really helps me stay on top of those pesky algorithms.” –Hugy Garry, Storythings

“The Content Technologist offers a smart, pragmatic and real-world look at the digital content world.” – Kat Tancock, freelance consultant

Who is Deborah?

The first three years of The Content Technologist were written exclusively by Deborah Carver, a content strategist and consultant based in Minneapolis. In 2023, Deborah moved to the role of executive editor, commissioning contributions from leading and emerging voices in the world of content strategy. She still writes an introduction to each newsletter, curates the weekly list of links, and will contribute monthly essays for paid subscribers beginning in April 2023.

What’s next?

In late 2022 The Content Technologist launched its first course, Understanding Google Analytics 4, and in 2023 we began publishing established and emerging writers with unique perspectives about tech, content, brand, algorithms and more. Throughout the first half of 2023, we’re working on polishing these new aspects of our business, but expect more education, resources, and community to come. If you subscribe today, you’ll be the first to know about new events, courses, and other exciting initiatives in the works.

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