Website redesigns are a major investment and crucial to your digital success. They're a platform where you can fully own the user experience when social media, search algorithms and news organizations are in flux.

The Content Technologist evangelizes surprising, creative, and functional websites, especially those with large collections of content. For us, a great website:

  • Is the source of truth about your business
  • Engages audiences through familiar, but occasionally surprising and delightful navigation and information architecture
  • Familiarizes new potential audiences with your brand
  • Invites existing audiences to return regularly to discover new content
  • Converts casual audiences into paying subscribers or customers

Redesigning a business website is a complicated process that functions best when research, content, design and technology stakeholders collaborate. It's not just about content strategy or the software that houses the authorship experience; success depends on all elements of the process working interdependently.

Businesses have to consider technical, content, user experience, and SEO factors on top of the change to the look and feel. "Get traffic" or "make SEO content" haven't been functional digital strategies for most businesses in at least five years. Instead, websites are hubs and resources for attracting audiences and building connection.

Our proprietary methodology leads us to information architecture decisions based on research and evidence from target audience behavior, rather than just copying what everyone else does. We believe that copying the same website structures over and over, without any added creativity, has contributed to the current frustration with digital experiences—and we aim to remedy that.

Typically, we partner with digital development agencies on audience research and content strategy, but on occasion we work directly with brands and organizations with large collections of content. We love large websites—500 pages or more—with multiple feeds

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One caveat: if you're an independent publisher looking for more information about Ghost-specific website migrations or redesigns, check out this page.

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