Website redesigns are a major investment and crucial to your digital success. In the next decade you may be looking to upgrade your content management to a headless or decoupled approach, or you may want to dip your toes into new tactics like account-based or content marketing. Businesses have to consider technical, content, user experience, and SEO factors to consider on top of the change to the look and feel. SEO considerations are crucial, especially if organic content is a core part of your business strategy.

As an independent strategist, I’m here to help you navigate the website redesign process. My data-driven website planning approach includes the following:

  • Keyword/entity research and social listening analysis to understand how your website can meet the needs of your audiences
  • Stakeholder interviews to ensure everyone gets what they need from the new website
  • Content audit and performance review
  • User journey identification and planning
  • Competitive analysis to understand how your site can make a true impact and drive revenue
  • Measurement approach to ensure your web investment is working for your business
  • Information architecture and taxonomy development
  • Technology identification and implementation, including content management systems and marketing automation
  • Creation of RFP and website requirements, budget and scope
  • Identification of website design, development and content partners

At both agencies and as an independent consultant, I’ve successfully navigated full redesigns and other content transitions with an eye on maintaining SEO value through content mapping and redirects. I’ve worked with clients  of all sizes, including the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, McKesson, IBM Systems Media and the Walker Art Center. I have a network of independent and agency designers and developers who know how to create next-level websites that make your business succeed with users and through digital discovery algorithms (SEO and social optimization).  

If you read my newsletter, you know: I’m a web person. Redesigns are my favorite. So if you’re planning a web redesign or restructure project — or just have the inkling of an idea for one — reach out! I’d love to help you make the next great website.