Google Analytics 4 setup and benchmarking services

Configure GA4 for your organization, and nail your content measurement strategy for the years to come.

Google Analytics 4 is the new standard in website performance analytics, cross-channel marketing attribution, and digital business intelligence. However, it remains a challenge for many organizations to configure, understand, and make good decisions from the data in GA4—especially when it comes to content performance.

If you're confused about GA4 and don't understand how it compares to its predecessor, you're not alone. deeply experienced analyst who has configured and measured more than 100 Google Analytics accounts over the past decade.

Ensure your content receives the business-building attribution it deserves

Many digital marketing organizations don't properly attribute website content performance, undervaluing its massive role in business growth.

That's because GA4 and other performance marketing analytics products were designed to measure ecommerce and emphasize the role of advertising—the other products Google sells. Organic content gets the short shrift because Google ideally wants businesses to spend more ad dollars with Google.

But what most content marketers don't know is that Google Analytics 4 has many new metrics and dimensions to illuminate how your audience uses your content. It's all about configuring GA4 so these metrics are easier to access and read—and encouraging your team to focus on the numbers that make a difference.

Content-focused analytics setup services include:

  • Kickoff process to identify your organization's goals and processes, so configuration can be truly customized
  • Full review of Google Analytics 4 performance and benchmarking
  • Google Tag Manager setup, implementation of content groupings, Consent mode configuration, and collection of additional content data and parameters
  • Custom reports setup within GA4
  • Integration of and training on the value of Google Search Console
  • Looker Studio dashboard configuration (if needed)
  • Cross-domain tracking and measurement strategies
  • Team-wide workshop with internal stakeholders on how your business can best use GA4 to understand content performance
  • Benchmarks to get your team started—so you can understand content's current role in your cross-channel media mix
  • Customized training and recommendations for content KPIs and/or OKRs based on your business objectives
  • Recommendations for additional analytics tools to laser in on content performance

Measuring your content with more confidence

In partnering with The Content Technologist on GA4 setup, you'll gain insights into content performance that you simply can't access through automation. You'll be working with an expert trained in building media measurement cross-channel frameworks for Fortune 500 companies, digital agencies, arts and performance organizations, and other leading digital content producers.

Organization-wide Google Analytics 4 implementation and training starts at $3,500, depending on the size of your website ecosystem and team.

Want to DIY your GA4 setup?

If you're not ready to invest in a direct consultation, try our Understanding GA4 class, designed to help you learn robust content analytics on your own at a lower price point. Updates arriving summer 2024.

Take the GA4 course

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