Happy new year! It's four days into 2024, and if you are like me, your body is sore from all the new workouts you've been adding to your routine.

The Content Technologist is on our new biweekly publishing schedule—that means every other week, not twice per week—and at the moment, it's a solo-operated newsletter once again. That means every word is coming from me, Deborah Carver, until further notice.

We're aiming to get back to basics this year, establishing foundations, setting baselines, and exploring paths forward for digital content that don't require ripping up what's already working.

Each month we'll publish one essay, most likely divided into two segments, aimed at answering some big questions and exploring different the distinct but connected areas of The Content Technologist approach.

Our first new feature involves asking the experts in our readership for feedback.

Thought-starters: How has the definition of content strategy evolved?

In the next two issues, I'll attempt to answer one big, basic question, and this month, we're setting new baselines: In 2024, what is content strategy? My definition has evolved in the past decade, and I wonder if yours has too.

I started the discussion with the professional nerds over on LinkedIn, which has been fruitful.

But I'd love to hear from you, the senior content professionals who read this newsletter: what are your thoughts on content strategy and its role in business in 2024? How has content strategy changed over time? We'll feature some responses and analysis in an upcoming issue.

The deadline to be included in the newsletter issue is January 15. We'll feature responses (as well as links back to all your brilliant work) in our next couple of issues. I'll also likely reach out to a few of you to have a deeper conversation about the topic.

If you'd like to share your perspective without being quoted, that's also an option. Your thoughts will shape the final piece.

Let's Build A Website recap

On Wednesday evening, I kicked off Let's Build a Website, a livestream of the process of building a personal website. We completed some website-focused intention-setting—aka a rough, rudimentary content strategy—to prep for our build. Check out the clip below, and become a paid subscriber to access this and all future episodes on demand, build along with us, etc.

In which I try to explain how digital content strategy works at an entry level without using any of my typical jargon. Next week's episode will definitely feature better lighting.

If the paid course isn't in your budget, subscribe to the Substack, Twitch, or YouTube channel to be notified on Wednesdays when each episode goes live. Or just tune in each week at 6:30 Eastern and join me! Let's (re)build our personal websites together.

Seeking 2024 sponsorships

We've simplified our sponsorship program! If you're interested in getting in front of the audience of career content professionals in The Content Technologist or our freelance-focused Let's Build a Website, check out our Passionfroot profile and book a sponsorship.

See you in two weeks for the first part of the content strategy essay, as well as links!

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