A version of this post originally appeared in the May 7, 2020 issue with the email subject line "Algorithmic equity in crisis" and an essay about SEO equity and the immediacy of the coronavirus crisis.

Visual review of Content Snare features: improves efficency and provides operations analytics at the monthly price of a (delivered) steak dinner. This tool is finely tuned, designed for single users and teams alike, and intuititve

ContentSnare automates content requests and reminders. That’s it. It’s a single-use tool that’s an easy add-on to an existing process. Content Snare capabilities include:

  • Setting up templates for commonly requested content types, like web templates, articles, or analytics information
  • Client-specific guidelines and deadlines
  • Client/user-specific dashboards so they can see everything they have due at once
  • Automated reminders when content is due
  • Automated follow-ups when content is not due
  • Collects all content in the same place

Content Snare’s target audience is web designers, but can be applied to any content-chasing role, like conference programmer, client intake information, or designer/editor. The thing about automated reminders: there are no feelings involved. The reminder goes out, and the content collector doesn’t have to feel like they’re bugging anyone. You can send a reminder every day after the deadline if you want to!

(I mean, clients can ignore automated emails just as easily as they can ignore personal ones, but there’s a certain point where you just need to send the content already.)

Giant multiservice content platforms on the market also provide similar features, but one-size-fits-all tools with multiple features have a way of complicating operations that were already working (i.e., word processing). Content Snare is incredibly intuitive.

It’s fairly new on the market, so it doesn’t integrate with outside tools yet, but for my use cases, it doesn’t really need to.

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