The Content Technologist is a publication for all the cross-disciplinary, boundary breaking content professionals who work in web, email and other text-first digital media.

It is also the thought leadership resource promoting the digital strategy consultancy called The Content Technologist, LLC. At the moment this consultancy and newsletter are run by just one person: Hello, that's me, Deborah. I'm a digital strategist who has been publishing content online for 25 years and working in publishing content strategy for more than a decade.

I moved from agency and publishing positions to operating an independent consultancy in May 2019.

  • Website redesign planning and migration
  • Content strategy, information architecture & project planning
  • Content performance analysis for newsletters and websites
  • Audience engagement, optimization and growth strategies for digital publications
  • Content design for publishers and content-forward websites and apps
  • Content modeling and workflows for headless content experiences
  • Organic KPI identification for publishers and content marketers
  • Content production workflow and software recommendations
  • Content and SEO operations consulting and training

As an in-house digital strategist and as an independent consultant, I've worked with businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 10 companies, SaaS startups, innovative health tech experiences to world-renowned arts institutions.

Most recently I've been collaborating with creative and digital agencies on content strategy, website redesigns and content analysis projects.

Want to talk content ops or digital strategy?

Give me a shout.

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