The Content Technologist is a publication for all of the content technologists out there.

It is the marketing for the consulting business of a content technologist: that is me. Hello! My name is Deborah Carver and I am a content technologist and consultant from Minneapolis, MN. I specialize in organic content operations and strategy.

I offer the following services:

  • Website redesign planning and migration
  • Audience engagement and growth strategies for digital publications
  • Organic KPI development for publishers and content marketers
  • Martech evaluation and analysis
  • Content and SEO operations consulting and training

I have worked with many types of businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies, agencies, publishers, and startups. I find my most successful partnerships are with clients who have the foundations of digital marketing and are ready to invest in making their organic marketing work harder.

If you're ready to upgrade your content ops, choose more efficient martech software, or finally determine how your business aligns content marketing with business success:

Give me a shout.

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