July 1, 2019

Welcome to The Content Technologist

This publication is for creators who live digitally.

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Our work, our hobbies are mediated. Our art of making is mediated, from idea to creation to publishing to distribution to consumption. We create media through media.

When someone dubs the content of a screen "elegant" we have some idea of how it got there.

This publication is for publishers.

The Content Technologist covers the concepts, tools and platforms we use to make things. Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

I also review software that does all of the above, or more simply: content technology.

The Content Technologist publishes weekly on Thursdays, whenever I happen to finish it. My name is Deborah Carver and I live in Minneapolis, MN. For the moment, I'm the narrator of this adventure.

Reviews are published with a system of icons, which are illustrated by Will Dinski Art + Design.

I've been publishing online since 1997, first my own work and then, finally, in a stroke of luck, I got paid to pull the strings behind others'. I learned html and css until I didn't have to know how to code to make the things I wanted to make. I've worked with a lotta software.

My first job in publishing was filing analog images at a tiny historical image agency. I later scanned those images into a database (what we'd call a Digital Asset Manager) and added metadata so they'd later be searchable. I had no idea what I was doing.

I have since worked for big media companies, tiny media companies, tiny media companies operated by global media companies, a media company you could call medium-sized, and a digital marketing agency. I even had a couple client-side temp gigs. Gradually I've figured a few things out and picked up a trick or two.

I review software. If you think one woman reviewing software after a few years of experience is journalism, then cool for you! I don't earn money directly from my reviews, but this publication is also the content marketing for my consulting business.  

Right now The Content Technologist is focused on non-audio content. I hope that changes, but in the meantime I'm a huge fan of Hot Pod.

I also do not cover the entertainment industry, traditional ad industry, or the so-called streaming wars outside of "whoa check out this cool thing someone made." Again, I hope that changes. In the meantime, both entertainment and tech industry pubs are closely covering Netflix & their ilk.

There are other publications that cover ad tech. Unless they're content-driven (some new spin on Native Advertising), I'm not interested in ad tech.

And dear readers, you should know – I do like media company gossip. I'm not so interested in the individuals, although there are a few I very much admire and follow. But I'm watching the corporate structures and business models for media companies shift very closely.

If you are new to The Content Technologist, here are a few posts to get you started:

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