Hello, brilliant Founding Members,

The new Content Technologist website is live, so please: check it out.

New features include:

With the exception of a few broken images and missed metadata of back posts, everything should work properly.

A video tour of the new website is here, if that's your jam.

Courses are on their way as well, beginning with foundational SEO, scheduled to be launched in early January. I'm going to follow with Google Analytics 4, to be completed in Q1 2021. I would have liked to launch courses with the website, but early in the redesign process I realized that I have to work on one major project at a time. My ambitions and my capacity are not always in alignment, this year more than ever.

I'm also planning on holding some virtual events in the new year. But, again, capacity v. ambitions – so one thing at a time.

Regular issues of The Content Technologist will resume next week, including some recaps of the process of moving from Substack to Ghost. (Honestly, the redesign was mostly adding a lot of metadata and structure to unstructured Substack content, which is... a lot of work but not very sexy.)

If you run into technical difficulties or have feedback on the new site, head on over to the contact page.

And thank you: for reading, for supporting, for subscribing, for generally being awesome. I couldn't build any of this without your support and kind words. This metamorphosis into a member-supported media company happened a little sooner than I expected, but here we are! And I couldn't have done it without you.

Finally! I'm featured in Content Marketing Institute's 2021 predictions with my thoughts on building audience trust! Content Marketing Institute is a wonderful organization and community, and I hope to be more involved with them over the course of the next couple of years.