This essay was originally sent as an email newsletter on April 8, 2021 with the subject line "CT No. 76: Platform like a content professional" and an essay about choosing a content platform based on your business model.

Are you into the newsletter boom but not into an overflowing inbox? Subscribing willy-nilly but reading nothing? I hear you, and I’m sorry for not opening your newsletter every week. It’s probably bad karma.

Luckily, Stoop Inbox is here to rescue me, you, and all the newsletters we know. Stoop Inbox, a freemium newsletter management tool, acts as an RSS reader (like Feedly or Google Reader) only for your email newsletters.

Stoop Inbox at a glance

Visual review of Stoop Inbox features: Integrates with common tools, promotes efficency at the monthly price of freemium. This software is finely tuned, single user, and intuitive

Stoop Inbox gives users with an original email to use to subscribe to newsletters — [email protected]. Use that email address to subscribe to all your faves, then check them at your leisure on your phone, apart from the chaos of your work or personal email inbox.

Stoop Inbox deletes emails after 30 days, but the premium mode helps save your email newsletters forever and implement dark mode/more folders. I’m not springing for it, but if more folders are your thing, it’s only $10 annually.

I like Stoop Inbox’s single newsletter-only email solution, especially since I fear that many independent creators will one day turn around the lists they’ve gathered to make a quick buck, even though that’s super unethical… but also what I expect from the digital information economy.

But one reason email newsletters are popular because people like all their stuff together in their email inbox — so I wonder about the demand for Stoop Inbox. It’ll appeal to the compartmentalizers and the inbox zero fanatics, for sure. For others, there’s always tabs and labels and other systems. One “cool” thing about digital culture is that we’re always innovating new ways to file content.