Today's issue is a thought experiment. If you want to avoid politics or current events, maybe it's not for you. (But maybe it is.)

I have been trying to find an angle to write about and understand Web3 for a while, and this essay was a far clearer application for my life than starting my own crypto club. Keep in mind that I knew very little about the Minneapolis city government until June 2020 and nothing about DAOs until a couple of months ago. Nor am I deeply familiar with political and economic theories that underpin either city governments or DAOs.

But I've had lots of conversations with lots of friends. I'm a social adult; of course I have friends who work in and around government, who live scattered throughout the Twin Cities and elsewhere, who have had different experiences with the past two years than I have.

Thanks to all these friends who have shared their experiences with me, political or neighborhood or otherwise. Let's keep talking and listening.

If I am totally off base with either government or DAOs, you can let me know by replying to this email! Or just scroll past the essay to the review and links and wait for next week.

Next week: A return to direct applications to both content and technology at work! I'll be discussing how to develop a tagging system for your blog/website. Way more applicable to your everyday life than this lil tangent.

Thanks for coming with me on this journey.

Distributed authority, decentralized autonomy

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