In this week's odd-numbered skinny issue:

  • More than (key)Words video preview and more course info
  • A content administration thought starter for your consideration
  • Upcoming February events for your calendar
  • Dream jobs ahoy!
  • Another winner from the chum bucket
  • Links! Pushing back against unpaid pitching, pivots to video, and more

More than (key)Words: New course coming February 29

Pre-order More than (key)Words now to get the course as soon as it's released. Use the code EARLYBIRDMTK to get the entire course for $199. This offer expires after 30 redemptions or on February 29, whichever arrives first.

In this 5-unit video and email course, you will learn:

  • Where the idea of keywords came from, and how we can apply the origin of the word's popularity to our current content-saturated digital ecosystem
  • What keyword research is and why it still matters as a major pathway to understanding digital audiences
  • When to augment keyword research with other audience research tactics
  • How to use AI tools and prompts to organize your data and expedite what used to be a manual process
  • Why content is higher quality when keyword research is involved

Those who complete the exercises along with watching the video content will come out of the course with a full keyword research project you can use at your work, or as practice for the next big audience research task.

Tell your boss why More than Keywords should be part of your learning and development budget this year.

Content administration thought starter

Strategy month is over! We're transitioning into the administration stage of content development for February. (Don't worry; we'll return to strategy in July.)

Content administration covers the business aspects of how content gets made. We'll discuss in depth next week, but choosing vendors and partners, contracting, scoping work, budgeting, managing projects, and deeply important businessy bits are all part of the administration phase.

What are the qualities or skills you look for in a great content creator, freelancer, colleague, or leader? How have your criteria in content collaborators changed over the years?

Events and podcasts

  • On Let's Build a Website, we're house hunting! Over the course of the next two episodes we're researching all our options—Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, Webflow, and more— and finally choosing our platform/CMS. Add the February 21 show to your calendar and tune in live as we give the rose to the chosen software home for our personal website.

    Add Let's Choose a Platform episode to your calendar: Gmail | Apple | Office365
  • Coming soon! I'm speaking at TBD Conference on February 27. The theme is Fascia, and it's a virtual event, so no matter where you are in the world, you can tune in. I'm super stoked about the talk I'm writing, so I hope you can join.

Three good-lookin' content jobs

Whether you're looking for a new position for yourself or sketching out the requirements for a new hire at your company, check out these swell-lookin' content strategy and content-adjacent roles. I have no connections with these companies, but if I were looking for a full-time gig, I'd definitely apply.

  • Content design lead - Canva: For this job, you'd have to relocate to Australia, but don't you want to have a down under adventure with some of the most innovative minds in content?
  • VP of Historical Content and Corporate Social Responsibility - A&E Networks / The History Channel: New York-based or remote, but including because it's kindof a wild gig. Fact-checking and CSR in the same gig? Sure, I guess. Video production experience required. Fact-checking The History Channel would be... something else.
  • Staff writer - Defector: Be one of the cool kids and blog for the employee-owned Defector. I love that this job description includes "Enthusiastic about helping shape the non-editorial operations and strategic direction of the business."

From the bottom of the chum bucket

Our chum bucket explores all the weird programmatic content and ads found online. Because "generated content" is a weird, weird thing.

I can't say for sure whether this content was conceived by a machine, but it certainly didn't receive an editorial review.

Look both ways, kiddos.

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