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Virtual event next week

Tackling the knowledge graph: Structuring content for AI

On Wednesday, June 26 (U.S.) and Thursday, June 27 (Australia), I'll be speaking with We Are Content Strategy in Melbourne, Australia. Register below, and catch me at the following local times:

  • 9:00AM Melbourne time on June 27
  • 6:00PM North American Central time on June 26
  • 4:00PM North American Pacific time on June 26
Tackling the knowledge graph: Structuring content for AI with Deborah Carver, Thu, Jun 27, 2024, 9:00 AM | Meetup
**Tackling the knowledge graph: How to structure content for an AI world** For a moment, forget the new content that AI is generating. How are the machines reading what yo

Course preview: SEO myths (and why building for how audiences first matters)

Our new course to help you conquer the algorithms, Your Content Is Your Marketing, will be released at the end of the month.

In lieu of a short, social media-ready commercial spot, here is the third lesson, published in full, with professional opinions loud and clear. If more of this is your thing, preorder the full course. Prices go up when it's released on June 30.

It's not perfect, but it's chock full of tips and new ways of thinking about search and SEO.

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From the weekly newsletter

What's a good website engagement benchmark? How to add sophistication to your content measurement approach

"Content measurement, when executed with a dose of sophistication, provides the quantifiable insights needed to prove exactly how quality digital content is making a business impact."

from What's a good web content engagement benchmark?

What’s a good web content engagement benchmark? Adding sophistication to your analytics approach
In digital content, measurement remains a massive boondoggle for most organizations. Here’s our reliable, replicable method for measuring high-quality content.

Two tools—one automated, one human—to guide content style across any organization

"Being somewhat stylish, overachieving, cynical, and pretentious, I wished I could edit the books for actual style, interrogate the prose, manipulate the syntax, massage the chapters, and collaborate with the author.

"Instead, I holed up in an attic office hastily remedying the errors of an author who managed to spell the word the word "tomato" about eight different ways in a single 30,000-word manuscript, and not once correctly. We only had about three days for each book-length copy edit; there was no way I was asking this author anything except whether she wanted to preserve her vernacular while remaining consistent throughout with the alternate spelling 'tomater.'

When I see how computers, calculators made of 0s and 1s, interpret style in writing, their results look a lot like the edits I made in that first copy editing job: enforcing a set of rules for consistency but not necessarily readability or nuanced style."

Two tools—one automated, one human—to guide content style across any organization
Style guides come in many forms and levels of complexity. Our recommendation keeps the elements brand style in tact while enforcing correctness without a heavy hand.

Revolutionize your approach to content strategy

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