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Not so good, better, best: Personalization examples across digital media

True personalization of a content experience, wherein a user receives a content experience tailored to their tastes and preferences, is not an easy accomplishment. Like many web tech experiences, the promise of personalization gleams a little bit brighter than the execution, especially with the current capabilities in machine learning.

The first installment of this series defined six common tactics often described as personalization; the second brought up two major problems with the operation and user experience of personalization. In this third and final installment, for paid and founding Content Technologist members only, we'll look at a variety personalization experiences in the wild in both consumer and business media.

Personalization tactics in email: From spammy subject lines to true customization

Email tech accommodated many personalization tactics long before we heralded the return of the email newsletter as the next big thing. In the mid-2010s, email was trying desperately to be sexy, trumpeting its advantages as the only real cross-platform medium with a unique user ID. Advanced email tech and marketing automation software systems can accommodate dynamic, segmented content; customized triggers based on automated actions; and preferences in when and how often email is delivered.

So how's email personalization doing these days?