In late 2022, The Content Technologist launched its first concentrated training course, Understanding Google Analytics 4. In 2024, we'll be releasing a series of email course deep dives about topics related to our approach to content strategy.

More courses dropping in April, June, August, October, and December 2024.

More than (key)Words: Audience research for brilliant business-building content

Ah, the mighty keyword! It’s at the core of search engine optimization, the word or phrase that users type into search bars to populate a hundred websites, all vying for the number one position. It’s the recipient of a lot of hatred from digitally native writers, forced to put aside their originality and brilliant ideas to write “SEO content” to placate the masses and get found online. 

But somehow, amid all the hate, amid new developments in artificial intelligence and generative search, the keyword is trending up again, more popular than it’s been in a decade. 

In this course, we'll learn to assess and understand the power of the mighty keyword. We’ll develop an approach to keyword research that helps you reach an audience and mine data ethically without breaking your brain or your moral center. And we’ll dispel many of the myths you may have learned in the past decade or so on the importance of the keyword itself. 

More than (key)Words drops February 29, 2024. Preorder with the code EARLYBIRDMTK to receive a $300 discount – limited to the first 30 orders only.

More Than (key)Words will be presented live in Minneapolis in April and in New York City in May. Stay tuned for more details.

Let's Build a Website

Every Wednesday in 2024, we're going to build a website together, livestreamed at 6:30 Eastern on YouTube, Twitch and LinkedIn.

This experiment in skill-sharing via livestream aims to demystify the process of building a personal website for anyone who wants to learn. Content Technologist publisher Deborah Carver will share her process and show her work as she cobbles together a new

Notes, on-demand episodes, transcripts, and additional community features will be available at

Tune in on Twitch, YouTube Live, and LinkedIn on Wednesdays beginning January 3, 2024.

Understanding Google Analytics 4

The transition to Google Analytics 4 has already passed, and we're all stuck with a new analytics platform that often feels radically different frmo .

This course will give you the answers to top questions about GA4, including:

  • How do I find the metrics I need to make decisions about my content?
  • How do I configure events and conversions in the new interface
  • What is the interface like, and how do I access the best reports?
  • How do I customize GA4 for my organization?

The Content Technologist's first-ever course aims to demystify web analytics for everyone, whether you've previously learned GA or you're a complete analytics newbie.

Understanding Google Analytics 4 is a combination of video, text, and quiz content, delivered via email 5x a week for 4 weeks in a row.

Stay tuned! More courses coming in 2024.