In late 2022, The Content Technologist launched its first concentrated training course, Understanding Google Analytics 4. In 2024, we'll be releasing a series of email course deep dives about topics related to our approach to content strategy.

Watch this space for more courses.

Understanding Google Analytics 4

The transition to Google Analytics 4 has already passed, and we're all stuck with a new analytics platform that often feels radically different frmo .

This course will give you the answers to top questions about GA4, including:

  • How do I find the metrics I need to make decisions about my content?
  • How do I configure events and conversions in the new interface
  • What is the interface like, and how do I access the best reports?
  • How do I customize GA4 for my organization?

The Content Technologist's first-ever course aims to demystify web analytics for everyone, whether you've previously learned GA or you're a complete analytics newbie.

Understanding Google Analytics 4 is a combination of video, text, and quiz content, delivered via email 5x a week for 4 weeks in a row.

Understanding Google Analytics 4

The goal of this course is to empower content professionals and non-marketers to understand their web analytics so they can make a more informed business case for the impact of content.

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Stay tuned! More courses coming soon.