The Content Technologist is seeking writers for longform, one-off essays in mid-2023.

Who should write with us?

  • Active content practitioners or leaders who want to share a methodology or unique insight about the intersection of content creation and technology
  • Folks who have recently left their tech or media jobs (due to layoffs or otherwise) and want to show off their professional expertise
  • Writers or artists with a unique perspective on how new technologies have changed contemporary digital media production
  • Existing newsletter writers or bloggers who want to flex their expertise and reach a professional audience
  • Content or academic professionals who don’t get much chance for “fun” writing, who'd like to collaborate with a professional editorial team while sharing their nerdy thoughts on digital culture
  • Frequent posters who want to try this whole old-school blog/newsletter thing (it’s fun, we swear)

If you have an idea for a one-off essay that you think would resonate, don’t hesitate to pitch it our way.

Our audience comprises digital content professionals at all levels: people who work every day making or managing pixels, headless CMSes, digital documentation, style guides, and FINAL_final_FINAL34 files. These can be independent creators, agency professionals, content marketers or enterprise brand content strategists.

Any topic that rests under the umbrella of “content technology” is fair game, especially subjects and media we’ve yet to cover in The Content Technologist. We’ve never had anyone write about the following and are keen to feature content about:

  • Audio production and podcasting
  • Video games
  • Digital video production and editing
  • Streaming tv platform development and management
  • Digital asset management
  • Content moderation
  • Adapting content for global audiences

We’re all filled up on AI in consumer tech, but if you have a particularly B2B perspective about professional applications of AI (such as using AI video or audio editing tools), feel free to shoot your shot.

How to pitch The Content Technologist

If you’ve been itching to write long (1000-2000 words) about your expertise in content design, content strategy, user experience, optimization, the business of publishing or content marketing, or cultural impact in any medium, collaborate with us!

Columnists will be compensated competitively with both a flat fee and commission/revenue share. Compensation will begin at $1/word for a 1,000-2,000 word essay with additional commission available.

Independent consultants or freelancers working in relevant fields and looking to expand their audience are highly encouraged to pitch. We're also keen on submissions from full-time content pros looking to spread the word about their amazing work. Even if it’s been a while since you’ve written for an outside audience, we’d love to hear your professional perspective.

You'll be collaborating with experienced editors who will help you fine tune your ideas and writing.

If you already have a blog, newsletter or website where you write regularly, we’re happy to explore co-publishing and flexible rights agreements.

Please note:

  • Our audience is professional and practical but not at all boring or dry. We’re looking for content that meets their needs—lively, original, and rooted in experience.
  • This is not a link-building scheme, we hate spam, and “seo guest posts” will not be considered.
  • Our perspective is neither overly critical of tech nor fawning over its unproven promise. We seek writers who embrace and create digital culture while understanding its faults.
  • No ad tech or growth hackig, please.
  • Only original content will be considered. Do not submit AI-generated pitches. We know what LLM-generated “ideas” look like.
  • If you're unfamiliar with The Content Technologist, please read a few posts on the website before sending your pitch.

Submissions for columns, via the form embedded below and linked here, are due April 21, 2023. We will host an optional prospective writer info session on April 11 and 12. RSVP and get the invite before submitting your pitch here.