Web content measurement is challenging—especially if you've made your career as a "words person." But knowing and understanding your content's performance can help you understand your audience and make your content more successful.

If you did learn how to measure content performance with Google Analytics in the past few years, you're probably still unfamiliar with Google Analytics 4, which Google will force users to adopt in July 2023. GA4 is very different from Universal Analytics, aka GA3, so if you learned GA five or ten years ago, you'll find the new Google Analytics to be a completely different setup.

The Content Technologist's first-ever community-powered course aims to demystify web analytics for everyone, whether you've previously learned GA or you're a complete analytics newbie.

The goal of this course is to empower content professionals to understand their analytics so they can make a more informed business case for the impact of content.

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GA4 course format

Understanding Google Analytics 4 is a community-powered course, meaning that it's a combination of lecture, chat and video interaction. It's relatively short, which means you'll be up and running with GA4 in four weeks or less. It's hosted on the Circle platform, which enables a mix of video course, message board and chat interactions.


Length: Four chapters between 15 and 30 minutes each, designed to be completed at a pace of one chapter per week, but can be expedited if you want to move faster. To get the most out of the course, anticipate spending an additional hour using GA4 each week.

Duration: Around 4 hours total video and setup time, with weekly office hours and course chat available to all

Participation: Community participation is highly encouraged! but not necessary if you want to work on your own.

In this class, you'll learn:

  • How to set up Google Analytics 4 properly so that your data is accurate and actionable
  • What the different reports and settings in the GA4 interface mean for content publishers—and which ones you can ignore
  • What's the difference between an event and a conversion and which ones you should track
  • Which customizations make sense for publishers to configure
  • How to read and find insights in GA 4's out-of-the-box reports with no custom code

You'll meet others going through the same GA4 journey and receive hands-on help from the course instructor during weekly office hours. This course has been developed over the course of eight months and hundreds of hours of writing, recording and refining. The base course has been beta-tested (thanks to all who helped!), so you know you're getting a high-quality experience.

Your instructor: Deborah Carver is an independent consultant and publisher of The Content Technologist. In addition to her award-winning content strategy work, she's been using and reading Google Analytics 4 on behalf of clients for nearly a decade. She's worked with content-driven websites of all sizes to understand how different types of content perform.

Your investment:

  • 2023 pricing: $1,200 for 90 days of course access
  • December 2022; $500 for 90 days of course access

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