This course isn't about marketing attribution or advertising. It's about understanding how your audience uses your content and what supports your business, using Google Analytics 4.

The second iteration of this course is redesigned to live in the medium you use every day—your email inbox—so you don't have to log into another platform. We're delivering 20 short lessons, so you can practice with GA4 daily. It's delivered at your own pace, so you can take weekends off and keep the analytics to the work week.

In this class, you'll learn:

  • How to set up Google Analytics 4 properly so that your data is accurate and actionable
  • What the different reports and settings in the GA4 interface mean for content publishers—and which ones you can ignore
  • What's the difference between an event and a conversion and which ones you should track
  • Which customizations make sense for publishers to configure
  • How to read and find insights in GA 4's out-of-the-box reports with no custom code