What job-seekers and freelancers will find:

  • Full-time, part-time and freelance jobs and gigs for content professionals
  • New, curated list jobs posted weekly on Fridays
  • Preference for jobs that post transparent salary ranges, thus making a more equitable marketplace

What job posters will access:

  • A group of experienced, talented content strategists, content designers, UX writers, audience editors and other digitally oriented content professionals
  • Curated job posts, so only professional content positions are listed
  • Posts are $50 per 30 days

Pallet job board policies for The Content Technologist

  • Standard posts are $50 per 30 days.
  • Featured posts are limited to 3 monthly and are $250/post. These will be highlighted twice monthly in The Content Technologist newsletter.
  • For all levels, jobs that post salary ranges are strongly preferred
  • Internships and entry-level jobs must include salary ranges for inclusion
  • Freelance gigs must include hourly or daily rates, with rates over $50/hour and $400/day (U.S. freelance minimum wage, in my opinion) strongly preferred
  • Crypto/Web3, community management, and influencer-related positions must include salary range
  • Companies with recent credible reports of harassment of any kind will not be considered for posting