November 8, 2020

Big changes coming in December 2020

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What's next for this newsletter?

In the past 17 months, I’ve defined the mission of The Content Technologist more clearly, and I want to be able to clearly communicate that for readers. That mission:

  1. To demystify how both computers and people process digital content, whether via algorithm or editorial curation
  2. To empower content creators to navigate digital production and distribution skillfully and ethically

I’m excited to announce the next iteration of The Content Technologist: a membership-driven resource hub with education at its core. The new will comprise:

  • The weekly newsletter, same as it ever was, featuring an essay, a review and links
  • A fully featured website with easily accessible guides for popular topics like SEO and UX
  • Video courses on popular topics, starting with foundational SEO and Google Analytics 4
  • Monthly interactive events

A few more features are percolating, but I’m going to start with the above and expand when it feels organic.

In December I’ll launch a redesigned and expanded Content Technologist website with membership features, including paid and free memberships.