Are you hiring or seeking collaborators for your next big digital content project?

Want to promote your newsletter to some real smarties?

Or do you want to get your software/business in front of the nearly 1,300 content professionals in The Content Technologist's growing audience? Well, bully for you because this week I'm introducing classified ads.

Three types of ads are available, with initial pricing and inventory through December 2021. Depending on response, these may change in the next year, so get 'em while they're inexpensive:

  • Newsletter cross-promotion: Do you publish a newsletter? My experience is that the best way to get newsletter subscribers is to promote within other newsletters.* Now you can promote within The Content Technologist for the extremely low cost of $25. In the same section as your ad, I'll be recommending a newsletter every week for the foreseeable future.
  • Job and gig posts: Looking to hire content professionals? Submit your gig or position to The Content Technologist and get in front of qualified, sassy, curious crackerjack editors, content marketers & digital strategists. Must include a link to a full job/gig description, including pay range (because including pay ranges is equitable). $50 per listing.
  • Full issue sponsorship: Want to promote your product or agency to The Content Technologist audience? Just want to support the newsletter? Sponsor a full issue, including an image, link + 500 characters, for $250.

Check out all Content Technologist ad inventory here, and fill out the contact form if you are interested. I had some trouble processing payments with the Hecto platform yesterday, so I'm happy to find an interim solution if that's not working.

*You can also get mad on Twitter and hope that people subscribe, but why would you do that to yourself?