Members! Do you have burning questions about software, SEO, website structure, freelancing, or anything else I cover on this website? Or do you just want to say hello?

On Fridays I'm blocking off time to chat with y'all. These 15-minute slots can be treated like collegiate office hours, but I'm not a professor, so I'm branding it differently.** Book a time, let me know what you'd like to discuss, and we can chat it through.

These free consulting sessions are open to all paid and founding members of The Content Technologist (aka the first 1,000). If you get the newsletter 4x/month, you're eligible for the free session.

The same sessions for non-paying members and casual visitors are $25. That's lower than my hourly rate. (If you want, you can also sign up for a monthly membership at $7 and then book a paid session.) And if you're unsure about money right now, you're currently a student, or you're paying off student loans, just sign up for the free sesh. I'm not a cop, just a businesswoman.

Non-US members: I will add more Aussie/Asia and EMEA-accessible times later in the summer.

Book a sesh, say hi, and ask me anything.